I serve as the Executive Director of the Berl Katznelson Center (BKC), a progressive Zionist ideas center that promotes policy solutions to Israel’s core challenges, and educates and trains the next generation of progressive Zionist leaders, thinkers and civil servants.

Prior to Joining BKC, I served as the Director of the Social Economic Academy (SEA), a social justice leadership institute, and was the first employee of ˜Koach LaOvdim,” a new labor union that sparked a revival of labor organizing in Israel. 

Since August 2020 I serve on the public Directorate of Israel’s National insurance Institute (Bituach Leumi), overseeing the major governmental agency and consulting the Social Services Minister on key social policy issues.

I hold an MA in Sociology from Ben Gurion University, and taught courses on Israeli society and public policy in several academic institutes.

Over the years I provided strategic and policy-related consulting to senior public figures, leading strategic thinking processes and formation of political agendas and party platforms. 

I serve as a lecturer and a regular commentator and publicist on issues of social justice and politics in Israel’s mainstream media and major publications. I spoke in AIPAC’s National Policy Conference and JStreet’s conferences in Washington DC, and gave talks at several think-tanks and leading organizations in the US.

I live in Tel Aviv with my wife Noa, a clinical psychologist, and our kids Yael and Omri.